Born in Santa Monica, California, 1946

Lives and works in Santa Monica, California

Since the late 1970s, Lita Albuquerque has used environments, performance and objects to consider the land’s relationship to the cosmic. “I am interested in that impossibility of vision,” she explains, “being able to perceive only what is around us, yet aware that what we are perceiving is only part of a much larger vision.” At Converge 45, the artist will join collaborating artist and composer Robbie C. Williamson to present the film installation 20/20: Accelerando, adapted from Albuquerque’s text GenIus Remembered (2003-). 20/20: Accelerando follows the journey of a 25th century female astronaut in the year 6,000 BCE on a mission to spread interstellar consciousness, one which she forgets upon crashing into Earth.