Born in Portsmouth, NH, 1982

Lives and works in San Francisco, California

Drew Cameron is a second-generation hand papermaker, trained forester and former Army soldier. After returning from the war he began a practice in the craft of hand papermaking, cutting his own uniform apart and turning it into paper. Sharing this process with the community and fellow veterans is the basis for his work today as Combat Paper.

Converge 45 is pleased to partner with the Portland Art Museum to bring Cameron to Portland as an extension to the Museum’s Object Stories exhibition Combat Paper, June 3 – August 29. The exhibition is the result of a 2016 Combat Paper workshop hosted in collaboration with Portland State University Veterans Resource Center. At the workshop, local veterans and active duty personnel collaboratively deconstructed their retired military uniforms to turn into paper. Each participant’s paper work is on view, and each is paired with their own personal story and additional items connected to their service.

Organized by The Portland Art Museum.