Born in Los Angeles, California, 1982

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

David Horvitz uses the mediums of mail art, performance, photography, art books, and the virtual sphere. The concept of time in relation to the body, and to paired relationships, connects several of Horvitz’s projects, including those in YOU IN MIND. The Distance of a Day was created in 2013. It documents a shared experience of the artist’s mother watching the sunset near Los Angeles (and recording, with an iphone taped to a scenic railing) while Horvitz captured the sun rising in the Maldives. In a broader public offering, The Space Between Us, 2015, is an app created by Horvitz that allows two users to trace their bodies in relation to one another after they have parted, continuing until one chooses to unlink. Horvitz is represented by ChertLüdde, Berlin.