Born in Easton, Pennsylvania, 1960

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Chris Doyle’s work is concerned with the paradox of humanity’s inherent struggle to transcend human qualities. For Converge 45, he has created Presto!, a series of animations drawn from gestures of sleight of hand, with isolated examples from speeches made by the 45th President. The loop was first projected onto the architecture of Portland, and now is made publicly available for anyone to download to project in their own city, town, or to use in any way they like.

“By presenting these works of close magic in the public realm, I am interested in exploring the tension between individual, intimate gestures and larger civic ambitions. …I remind myself, and I invite you, to resist that upon which the magician depends: the blindness of inattention.” -Chris Doyle

Organized by Converge 45