2016 YOU IN MIND Program

The 2016, 2017, and 2018 years of Converge 45 are guided by Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds’ intellectual framework and theme of YOU IN MIND.

The three core components of Converge 45’s 2016 first year were 1. an Artists’ Congress, 2. Partnering Exhibitions, and 3. a Visitors’ Weekend.


2016 Visitors’ Weekend

Converge 45 hosted a Visitors’ Weekend July 29-31 that provided an immersive experience for visitors, local arts enthusiasts, arts administrators, and artists.

2016 Artists’ Congress

Converge 45's 2016 Artists' Congress brings together locally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists, writers, and thinkers in Portland, Oregon.

Presenting Partners’ Exhibitions

Converge 45 collaborates with regional arts organizations to bring local, national, and international artists and thinkers together to explore art and ideas converging on the possibility of a “cultural commons.”