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CONVERGE 45 Program


Aug 9-12, 2018

Converge 45 activates visual arts in the Portland region through annual programming curated by a Guest Artistic Director in collaboration with cultural partners to support the Pacific Northwest arts ecology and to expand the global conversation around contemporary art.

Converge 45 Guest Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds* selected the title
YOU IN MIND for the theme of her three-year Converge 45 programming.
YOU IN MIND focuses on artistic practices that have a public in mind, giving artists the opportunity to discuss critical issues of aesthetic, societal, and
global significance.

*Kristy Edmunds is the Executive & Artistic Director of the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA 

2016 YOU IN MIND Program

Converge 45 launched in July 2016 with a Visitors' Weekend in Portland preceded by a three-day Artists' Congress and followed by ongoing exhibitions.



A dynamic community of Portland arts organizations, galleries, artists, art professionals, and community business partners has joined together to realize the vision of Converge 45, an annual event of arts and ideas located in Portland, OR and engaged with national and international conversations on contemporary art.


Converge 45 is a leader in catalyzing the visual arts in Portland and the surrounding region through annual programming curated by a guest artistic director in collaboration with cultural partners for the purpose of supporting the regional arts economy and expanding the global conversation around contemporary art.

Who We Are

Converge 45 is founded by a coalition of arts professionals and business leaders in Portland, Oregon, who are committed to the region's unique creative community and to engagement with critical issues in contemporary arts.


Converge 45

Converge 45 depends on support from the local, state, and national funding sources as well as the generous sponsorship of corporate partners and private individuals. Please join us!

Email for information on sponsorship opportunities, ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.

You can also give via stock transfer. Converge 45 Stock Transfer instructions

Converge 45 is a 501(c)3 non-profit. EIN: 47-3635380 (Camp45 Contemporary DBA Converge 45)